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Small law departments and value

Small corporate law departments (i.e., those with no more than ten in-house attorneys) face the same challenges as their larger brethren when seeking to maximize the value of the legal service that they purchase and manage for their companies. Due to the factors unique to their size, such as fewer in-house resources and smaller budgets, they often have little time to design effective means of realizing greater value or they are challenged to translate methods developed elsewhere (like in large departments) to their situations.

On March 1, 2012, the Association of Corporate Counsel released an InfoPAK, sponsored by Meritas for which Steve was the principal author, prepared for the Small Law Department Committee of ACC.  That InfoPAK, which includes 22 case studies of successes by small law departments and smaller law firms that work with smaller departments, contains much valuable information that small law departments can use to implement successful strategies to realize greater value.  That InfoPAK is available on the articles page of this website.

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